Monday, 4 August 2014

Wedding Photography The Crutherland House Hotel

Nicola & Steven Begley

April 2014 Nicola Reid and Steven Begley got married at St Aloysius Church and I had the pleasure of photographing the special occasion. Their big day was celebrated at the Crutherland House Hotel, where I have attended many a time. It was a great day and a lot of fun and I wish them all the best for the future.
Nicola and Steven met in Savoy nightclub in Glasgow. Nicola was just back from a holiday in Mexico and decided to have a wee night out to show off her tan. She cheekily managed to sneak a bottle of tequila into the nightclub. It never took her long before she spotted Steven through the crowds. Nicola went up and asked him if he wanted a drink and poured him tequila! He hated it but still wanted her number, that brought them to start dating and now married. They both ended up going to Mexico for their honeymoon where Nicola challenged Steven to a tequila shot competition. I wonder who won.

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