Bookings for 2014 and 2015 are coming in fast, May, June  and July are very busy. If you are in the process of arranging your wedding for next year, get your big things booked in advance. Such as your venue, dress, cars and the one thing that keeps your memories for life, your photographs. So do not hesitate give me a call and book a photographer that will capture your day perfectly.

OK for most of you its your first time and your not sure what to be looking for in a good photographer. First of all it is your special day not the photographers although some might think it is, you want a photographer that will make you feel relaxed and let you enjoy your day and still be able to capture all the very special and unrepeatable moments of the biggest day of your life's.

Getting value for your money, my packages are very reasonable.
Time restrictions, coverage of your day. A lot of photographers will break your day down into sections and charge you accordingly. All my packages cover your full day, from bridal preparation all the way through to cutting of the cake, speeches and your first dance, I don't have any hidden charges. The only extra charges that I might ask for are for fuel on long distance venues and B&B if required.

Key factors.

  • A friendly photographer.
  • Value for money, because they charge a fortune does not mean they are the best.
  • Make sure the camera equipment is of high standard
  • Always meet your photographer before hand.
  • Does your photographer have the experience.
  • Make sure you see work from a complete wedding, anybody can put a portfolio together.
  • Get your full day covered. You don't want parts of your day missed out, it only happens once. 
Good luck and if you have any questions that you want to ask give me a call or drop me an E-mail.                   

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Linda and brides maids

Linda and brides maids
St Andrews in the square