Thursday, 21 August 2014

Wedding Photography Culcreuch Castle

Melissa and David
May 2013

In May 2013 I had a great day with Melissa and David at Culcreuch Castle in fintry. what a perfect venue even better if tou get great weather. Here is some words from the couple of how they met and finaly got hitched.

Now what about the happy couple? Well, David was working in the home and leisure department of Asda when Melissa turned up for her first day of training. David first noticed Melissa when he saw her walk towards him, drowned in a hi-vis jacket that was far too big for her! Yet, still thought she could pull it off! As Melissa first noticed David, she was instantly attracted to him with his long locks of hair and tattoos, as this was her ideal type at the time!  Not to mention the fact that he was a few years older and had a driving license probably didn’t hurt!  After a few weeks of getting to know each other, David offered to drive Melissa home one night from work, which then turned into a regular occurrence. Melissa was only too happy to share the car journey with him. Despite her parent’s warnings that she was not to get into any sort of relationship with this older boy, they started dating after David plucked up the courage to ask Melissa out for a few drinks in town. As some of you will know, the first few months of them being together was most definitely a challenge to say the least, not just for them but for many of you sitting here today! Melissa tells me how thankful she is for being able to leave the house without some sort of tagging device and David for the threat of a baseball bat not coming to fruition so thank you for that, however after spending a few years together David proposed and I’ve reason to believe Melissa said ‘Yes’ which brings us to today.

They have found that deep and meaningful love together and learned how to make allowances for each other. Melissa accepts David’s OCD cleaning tendencies and somewhat odd sense of humour, meanwhile David accepts Melissa’s ridiculous fear of spiders along with the fact that her close friends, who are also here as her bridesmaids today, seem to be in their house more than he is.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Wedding Photography Hotel Du Vin Glasgow

Margaret & David Hutchison

March 2013

Margaret and David had a small family wedding at Hotel Du Vin, known as One Devonshire Gardens. A very well know wedding venue for small weddings, this iconic Glasgow hotel is set in a tree-lined victorian terrance in the west end.
The day started off with Maragret and her brides maid getting ready in a stunning room with a four poster bed and a vicorian bath in one of the bay windows. It was a simple and relaxed day with family and close friends, the ceremony was lovely with the addition of some houmer from the minester. So if you are looking to have a small wedding in Glasgow with a bit of class this is the perfect venue.

Linda and brides maids

Linda and brides maids
St Andrews in the square