Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sarahjane & Steven, Chatleherault Hamilton.

Sarahjane & Steven got married on the 20th May 2011 at Chatleherault Hamilton. Chatelherault was built in 1732 as the hunting lodge and summer house for the wealthy Duke of Hamilton. 
This is a stunning wedding venue. Sharahjane & Steven’s wedding was a small and intimate occasion with just their parents attending. The ceremony was meant to start at 2.30pm; at 2.40, we got a call from the bride’s father telling us that his car had broken down on the m73. The Limo with the couple inside went back to pick them up but the father wanted to wait for the AA. At 3.10pm, the bride’s father turned up in an AA van. This gave us all a good laugh and one for the photo album. After the ceremony, we took some photographs in the stunning grounds of the house, and then on to Bothwell Bridge Hotel for their cutting of the cake. Where I left them to enjoy their meal and drinks at the hotel.

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Linda and brides maids

Linda and brides maids
St Andrews in the square