Sunday, 27 July 2014

wedding Photography Sea Mill Hydro

Lorna and Jamie

Back in June 2012 I had the pleasure to photograph the wedding of Lorna and Jamie McDonald at Sea Mill Hydro. I arrived at the hotel about 11am to capture the girls getting ready for the big day. I feel being at the bridal preparation is good two reasons, to get to chat to the bride while she is getting ready helps her to relax and for her to realise that her photographer is going to make her wedding day run smoothly and it is a great way to start off the storybook album.
The girls were in good form, relaxed with a wee bit of excitement, when Lorna's dad arrived they gave each other a big cuddle, the photograph of this has received many comments from people on how it captures a lovely moment between the bride and father.
Jamie and his best man were chilling out in the gardens with a couple of pints or maybe it was just a bit of dutch courage. What can I say about the ceremony, well it was just perfect all the little smiles and glances between lorna and Jamie were a photographer dream to capture.

If you manage to get good weather at Sea Mill, it is just a perfect venue for doing wedding photography with the band stand and the stunning back drop of Arran in the distance. Everybody had a great day and Lorna and Jamie were delighted with the results of their photos, I have used their photos many a time for advertising and promoting my business. so here are a small selection of their photos of which I am very pleased with.

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