Sunday, 16 March 2008

wedding photos

Dear Gary

Just a quick note to say we are over the moon with our Story Book Photo Album!!!

When we first chose that package I had no idea how it would turn out and I have to say we definately made the right choice. Everyone who sees it says its they've never seen such a beautiful album and they are blown away at the different effects and imagery you use without overpowering or taking away from the photos themselves. It's like a work of art - I'm sooo proud of it!

Our wedding day was fantastic and we felt 100% comfortable with you capturing our special moments. You have this uncanny ability to be able to blend in to the background and without us even realising you are snapping away, flitting between guests and getting the most natural but poignant photos. Even when we were posing - you made it feel so natural we that we so much fun that I swear you could look at all our photos and I challenge you to find one of us not cackling with laughter!!

Thanks again Gary - you made a magical day unforgettable...

Luv from

Lynn & David


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Linda and brides maids

Linda and brides maids
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